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 Welcome to the home page of the cataclysma drum and bugle corps

    This will be the first competing season for cataclysma.  the corps is a proud member of covc which is run by charlie patrick. this season the corps presents the symphonic band piece "The seventh seal" written by francis macbeth. the piece is separated into three movements, the first of which represents a disruption of the balance on earth, and the realization of this by the horsemen of the apocalypse. as each of the seven seals are broken a new theme is brought forward, each reflecting upon one another until the powerful release with the earth's crumbling. the second movement opens with a slow somber echo of screams, as the people of the tattered world attempt to recollect their once precious lives. The lost souls wonder the scroched planet feeding on the still living toruted bodies. The movement closes in sheer desperation, with no resolution to the violence. The third and final movement opens with the far off rumble of the timpani pounding an almost fanfare-like entry for the seven angels of the apocalypse. The 12/8 patterns make perfect way for the angels riding in on horseback each playing their own trumpet(or soprano) as each trumpet is played, more minions are released to complete the process of destruction.The dramatic end of this choas is brought as a fortissississimo with a company fromt coming together into the famous "power wedge." There are very high hopes for Cataclysma this season and plans to continue as a strong competitor in the circuit of virtual corps.

                                                                    Corps Director,

                                                                       Rob Reder