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Welcome to the Legionaires' Home Page

            This season for the Legionaires brings about a whole new change for the organization. Many things were done regarding staff and organizational leaders to ensure a more successful season. Along with the changes in staff, there is also a change in the style that the corps represents. With the highly unsuccessfull show of "Phantom of the Opera" last season, a change was needed. This year the Legionaires put on the field the works of three of the most recognised modernist composers. The show title is "Apocalypse's Destiny" and includes works by Richard Strauss, Jean Sibelus, and Arnold Schoenburg.  The Strauss work is from his convulsive and apocalyptic "Elektra." Sibelus's terse, elliptical "Symphony #4" is included in the program to convey the emotional power in the idea of Apocalypse. To close out this the most dramatic of shows is Arnold Schoenberg's "Pierrot Lunaire," which might be described as a sort of cabaret music for extra terrestrials.
            I would personally like to wish the best of luck to all of the competing VCL corps in this upcoming 4th season.
                                                                Corps Director,
                                                                Rob Reder

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