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WeLCOME to Rob's Kickin' Drum Corps and more   page!

            Hey everybody, my name is Rob Reder and I consider myself to be a drum corps "buff" I marched with Phantom Regiment Cadets in 1997, and Phantom Legion in 1998. My favortie corps include Phantom Regiment, Madison Scouts, Blue Knights, and Glassmen. You will find links to these corps pages in  my LINKS section.
          Among my interests besides drum corps are symphonic music, Anti-religious debates, and Punk rock. Yes, it is quite an assemblance...but it's what makes me me. Among my favorite pieces of Symphonic music include, but are not limited to:

        I am also very partial to certain punk rock...mosty just the Raomner and the Sex Pistols. I am the drummer in a very happenin' punk band No Future, or "The Sedated." I do not listen to punx for its musical integrity, I listen to it because of the anti-scoietal issues that are brought forward. It is a known fact that the media controlls everything from the way you dress straight down to what you eat and who you hang out with...but I'm not going to go off on another rant here....enjoy the rest of my page!
        Click  HERE to catch a glimpse of the sexiness that is me!
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